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Some blades bounce off heavy armor leaving a mere scratch damage-wise, but putting an arrow through the vir2 electri6ity thin visor in your foe’s helmet or jabbing a weak spot between armor plates can vir2 electri6ity be lethal. It doesn’t help that the Olympics are really all about competition, and without someone other than the AI to compete against, the experience falls flat. Nudges push you in the right direction, but Closure avoids spelling out exactly what the rules entail. Other moments force you to look at the horrors you’ve wrought, but these often feel cheap because you so rarely have a choice in your action.

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Fighting a group of hollow men is hard work, and you’re liable to be tired after whipping fireballs for a few minutes. The game also seems to enjoy leaving you to face the might of the Japanese air force alone. Accidentally trigger that arrow trap or get overwhelmed by the slow-moving bats, however, and you find that punishment is severe. A vir2 electri6ity cadre of conspirators helps you escape imprisonment, and you find out that they are plotting to bring down the very men who wronged you.

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