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Elise will be your friend if you are male and Elliot will be your friend if you are female.

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Go through the gate and choose your next chest s. Head down to the lake and bear right. Learn how to combine the forces of two spells by wearing two gauntlets. Slay the Hobbes and try to find your way out of dowhload cave. Follow the rails deeper into the cave. Microsoft Game Studios platform: As you leave fable 3 guide pdf download Door, find a chest to your right behind the inn. This Door would like you to lead a child to it, so it may gaze upon innocence.

More bats fable 3 guide pdf download attempt to chew on your face, practice manipulating your fire spell on them. You must first complete the “Bowerstone Resistance” quest.

Propose to a potential mate of the opposite sex since you need to conceive a childfulfill his or her marriage requirements, purchase a house, and have “Unsafe” pfd by activating the “Sleep” icon at the bed in your house. What happens if I die? You can explore the map, but you cannot go to any town not lit with a golden glow. You will fable 3 guide pdf download hear the Gargoyle laughter from Fable 2. Choose your chest s and exit.

Fable III Game Guide & Walkthrough

Other leave pick in comments. At the end of the game, you can give to the Treasury or rob it to help tilt your morality meter the desired direction. You can easy find it when going to the Shifting Sands. Set the prices to “Highest” for stores that are in the buildings, such fable 3 guide pdf download the Blacksmith. Each chest costs a specific number of Guild Seals, so spend them wisely. Roll some bones and head on.

At the inn, Walter gives you information on infiltrating the mercenaries who have been plaguing the Dwellers.

Equip the chicken suit in the Sanctuary Dressing Room and begin your chicken hunt through the town. Some mystery should be left for you to discover! Follow the little diwnload to the bottom and use the key. It will be fable 3 guide pdf download a Key from the elements.

This door requires you to be fat and ugly. At the first fork you come to, hook a left and a Key will be right ahead of you. Head left and follow the cliff edge until you reach some ruins. They want you to retrieve a long lost play, as well as the last person fable 3 guide pdf download sent after it.

Go through the second door on the left, marked above with a clothes hanger. Continue down the path. Inside take the upward path until you come to the exit. You will be given two choices of actions, one to make them like you and one to make them get all huffy with you.

You can also use the “Infinite fable 3 guide pdf download and items” glitch.

One way to do this is to buy shops early and often to start making a profit. After Simmons dies his second death, Major Swift agrees to join your cause.

Swim out into the ocean in the Driftwood area until you cannot go any downlod. You fable 3 guide pdf download reach the area once you have access to the castle. This works best when you own shops, as properties will deteriorate over time unit you earn nothing, but shop profits do not diminish. The Guild Seals you earn by defeating enemies, engaging with people and completing quests. Walter is aghast and leads you to the ground level in an attempt to save any survivors.

Return to Samuel at the town gate.

He asks that you don a chicken suit, befriend the wayward fowl and lead them home. Play the “Hideout” mission in Bowerstone. Pull it and a staircase will rise. This will happen as part of the main quest you progress through the game. Then, steal all the items in the clothes shop, Blacksmith, and barber shop.

You can use this trick when you start a new file. However past the second gate, you will be recognized and will have to fight your way through the rest of the camp. The Curse of Bad Frame Fable 3 guide pdf download. So strike off, go the opposite way of your breadcrumb trail as often as possible and explore seemingly useless spaces. After that, head into fable 3 guide pdf download water and swim left.