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Solicitud para la Visa B-2 de Turista

Customer Service If you have any question regarding our website, please email our customer service department. When you use our website, you automatically consent to all such collecting, processing, and transmission of this data.

We have no influence over such additional fees. We cannot be held liable for any costs or claims resulting from such a decision. A complaint may be submitted in writing or orally. Their Guia de solicitud para la visa b2 de turista pdf download Function A cookie stores information on such things turieta the user’s preferences regarding the way that the site is displayed, the language in which the user prefers the site to be displayed, the specific pages which solicitkd user has visited, and the country from which the user is visiting the site.

Do not contact your Credit Card Company or bank as this will further delay your request. It tracks the user’s behavior during the visit, and is then deleted. Refund Policy 1 Your right to withdraw You can request a refund if you do not find either our product or the service we provide to be satisfactory. Only information provided by you on a voluntary basis when you complete the application form is collected by our company.

We use cookies only to store information which allows us to provide such high-quality service to our users. We will prioritize your comment thoroughly and respond within 2 days. This information includes the number of people performing specific actions, which page elements are clicked on, and how often, and how long users spend on each page.

We do not make use of cookies for any other purpose. Any links we allow are with sites we cannot detect to have been in violation of any legal requirements.

We will though not be able to assist with applications that we have not reviewed and processed.


Even if your application is approved, it is only an authorization to travel. If we are unable to resolve the issue at hand within a reasonable timeframe, we will seek an alternative dispute resolution to negotiate and mediate the issue.

The phone number s you provide is solely used to support the Travel Authorization processing request and deleted permanently once no longer needed. Any reference to “us”, “our”, “we” or “company” refers to our company and its subsidiaries The terms “you”, “your”, “yourself” and “user” refer to any individual user guia de solicitud para la visa b2 de turista pdf download this website “This site”, “site”, and “website” refer to www.

Users are invited to contact us by email. Users are permitted to download content and store it on their personal computer, provided their use does not alter any trademarks or proprietary notices to copyrights.

Contact As we value your opinion, your questions and comments are really important to us.

Guia de Solicitud Para La Visa b 2 Es

To find out more about cookies, visit: This site also collects information of a statistical nature for the purpose of understanding how visitors use the site, and to improve the quality of the site. Turista de solicitud guia la de b2 visa pdf para The Pirate Gratis torrentdownloads.

We require this information as it is necessary in order to process your E-Visa. If you are unable or unwilling to communicate with us by email it may affect the service we are able to provide to you, and we may be forced to cancel your application. The cookie is stored by the guia de solicitud para la visa b2 de turista pdf download browser in a location reserved for cookies. This contract can be concluded in English or the language selected when completing the order.

Changes to this Privacy Policy and its content may change at any time when circumstances require. Our billing department will handle all your payment related issues and will respond within one business day. This information can include the user’s preferences regarding web site appearance and behavior, based on the lla actions at that site.

However, this Complaint Handling Policy is only related to feedback which require a response.

Under certain circumstances, you may be required to agree explicitly in order to allow specified items of data to be processed. Your refund will be issued in US dollars and downloas within two working days of your written request for withdrawal from your contract.

We cannot take any responsibility for any losses incurred if a decision is made to decline or withdraw approval for you to enter a country.

If you do send such a tursita, your personal information will immediately guia de solicitud para la visa b2 de turista pdf download deleted. If you use a credit card in a currency other than U. You consent to the data processing immediately upon pressing the appropriate button or making the appropriate mark on the form. De pdf solicitud b2 la guia de para visa turista Apps for Windows bittorrent.

You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. We grant you, the user, access on a limited basis provided the following limitations are respected:. If more applications have been submitted, please doqnload the above-mentioned information for each applicant.


We do appreciate feedback, positive or negative, to improve our services. The transaction may also incur additional fees or card-use charges levied by your credit card provider. Cookies can also keep track of the number of visitors visiting each page at a site. This includes, but soliciyud not limited to, implied warranties, suitability for the purpose intended, sale-ability or non-infringement.