Remove the side covers as described in “Removing the side covers” on page Never use a rusty or dirty thickness gauge. Straight lines in the image appear jagged. Why are my color documents printing in black and white? A white cold fluorescent lamp is used as the light source. As long as the hostsendsdataorthe printer interface is in the busy state, the interface selection does not change.

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Report This File for any copyright or infringement issues. Using pliers, remove the carriage belt clip. We are registered with copyright.

Full text of “Epson Stylus Scan Service Manual”

My printout is grainy when I print from any application. Plain paper, bond paper, Air mail Figure A dot is not printed occasionally.

Refer to Figure Connector CN 4 on the power board is disconnected. Carriage Unit does not operate cont. Yes Replace the ink cartridge. Make sure thatthe thickness gauge does not move right and left along with the carriage when the carriage is moved about 20 mm. Remove the cable from the HP detector and take it out epson stylus scan 2500 releasing the fixed hook.

Public Lab Books to Borrow. Use only tools that meet these specifications. The program name varies according to model epson stylus scan 2500 program version. What should I do? Table Table Is the operation normal? Does Epson have a program where I peson donate my working electronic equipment? Downloads not available on mobile devices.

Be sure to observe the following instructions when servicing the battery: No Clean the lamp surface. Inside the bushing Right: See Figure on p age The process of conveying the motive power to the paper eject roller is shown in Figure No Replace the ink cartridge and epson stylus scan 2500 self test.

Never use a rusty or dirty epson stylus scan 2500 gauge. It does provide basic transport-level flow control and multiplexing services. Release the fixed hook of the PG lever support from the right parallelism bushing and remove the PG lever support and washer.

When no print signal is output, the PZT is in the normal, standby, state. Adjust tension mechanism or replace it.

Replace the waste ink pads and reset the waste ink counter with the adjustment program.

Epson Stylus Scan 2500 Workshop Repair manual DOWNLOAD

When the scanner initializes, the following actions are performed. When installing the LD epsin assembly, make sure that the hooks are hung on the paper feed assembly. When replacing the cleaner head built in the pump assembly, be careful of the following epson stylus scan 2500.