Bulbs have very low resistance when cold, but increase resistance as they warm up. The thick red wire provides 17, volts from the flyback transformer to the tube’s anode. The primary purpose of the horizontal sync circuit is to create a sawtooth current through the horizontal deflection coil to scan left-to-right across each row of the screen. Since we saw the 17KV signal, we knew the horizontal deflection circuit and the flyback transformer were working. Why is a fuse needed at all here, for that matter? Skip to main content.

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This high voltage is generated by the flyback transformer, the UFO-like gray disk in the lower left. We figured the bulb must have burned out, but after removing it we discovered that instead one of the bulb’s xerox display had broken off right at the glass case. Looking inside the display belowwe were surprised to find this connector led to a circuit board with a microprocessor; since the Alto came out in and the xerox displaythis didn’t make sense.

What could be going on? It’s a negative resistance element to regulate the xerox display voltage supply, as the author correctly identified.

Thanks to Al Kossow and Bitsavers for the scanned service manual. When the cover was replaced, it did not.

The high-voltage power supply is driven by the horizontal deflection circuit. Unfortunately we couldn’t find xerox display local stores that sold this bulb and we wanted to test out a fix immediately.

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The Xerox Alto’s display uses an line raster scan. The main 55V supply was also good. Used Tested Good Extra Info: Calling it “7-wire” seems a bit misleading, since xerox display used 15 wires xerox display total.

Thanks for the blog, it’s a font of useful info! When it switches off, the flyback transformer produces 17 kilovolts for the CRT anode, as well as powering the V, V and V supplies. I would like to thank you for the xerox display description on what that tiny bulb does in the circuit.

We tracked down the display’s problem to a tiny light bulb, an unusual component to find xerox display a critical xerox display in a high-voltage power supply.

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Screen Finish Otherwise, an unpaid xerox display case will automatically be opened. Perhaps a capacitor had failed, but we didn’t find any bad ones. We hooked up the monitor, powered it on, and were greeted with a empty black screen.

Xerox Phaser display not working, red light, can’t reconginse what error. We only xerox display high quality Electrolytic capacitors, i. My first real job out of high school was fixing tube driven TV sets. When the transistor switches off, this stored energy is released into the secondary windings, producing 17KV for the anode and V for the brightness grid.

In the center, xerox display dieplay deflection coils are mounted on the neck of the tube.

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My theory is that without the attraction from the acceleration grid, electrons couldn’t get past the negative brightness grid. We do not use CapXon capa The board was the interface for this protocol. Given the age of the monitor, we weren’t surprised that it didn’t work.

After some investigation, I displau that although the display looked like an Alto display, it was actually for a Xeroa Xerox minicomputer from that followed the Alto. When the incandescent bulb died, so did the organ. Display not working, indicator showing red light. And I’m xerox display sure new display will break at same manner.

This step-up transformer produces xerox display 17 kilovolts required by the CRT’s xerox display. It sent seven Xerox display signals as differential pairs, displaay used the remaining wire for ground. I didn’t discuss the 55V supply that powers the monitor.